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a place for Writers to muse and get back into the groove..


I’m Karin and yes, I do want an apple tree but not for the apples (though I do like a friendly apple or the odd slice of apple cake) more for the idea. Of having an idyllic setting for me to sit under and muse then type without any distractions while the apples or, more ideally the ideas, hit me. While I work on my first novel.

I am a writer. At various stages throughout my life I have dabbled at being a singer too, and recently (thanks to Instagram) I’ve rekindled my passion for photography.

The trouble is that mostly I am caught up in everyday family life so all these projects have been simmering somewhere in no-happening-land..

I think it’s time to get the hang of finishing what I started, whether it’s under the appletree or in my bath, and this blog is about how I get on with it. By sharing my experiences I hope to inspire others to find a way of picking up or redefining their dreams and passions that have perhaps also been sidelined for that much too long.

If that rings a bell, however faint, why don’t you read on and join me? 

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