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..passionate bath enthusiast

(there’s nothing like a good soak to get those 

thinking and meditating,

brainstorming and dreaming cells

grooving – don’t you think?

And, did I mention dreaming?

It’s where I dream of 

Karin’s appletree

 my place under the sky that appears whenever I need a break,

for creative moments –

a place that connects me to the past,

rooted in all it stands for

but at the same time it holds all sorts of promises

for a sweet and succulent bite of the future..)


recently started dreaming again about being a writer

now that my kids are well out of their nappies and into their teens –

it’s  a place in time when our journeys seem to be crossing

(though to borrow a cliché,

their oysters might be a lot larger than mine,

still, I think, why not?)

Indeed, why not?

Or, in the words of the American poet

Marie Ponsot:

“I think things that we really long to do […]

are what we ought to spend a lot of time on.

Why not?”

You can’t really say it enough, right?

Why not?

..first novel writer

who would like to share the process with you

of following dreams that have been set aside,

passions that have been quashed (for whatever reason),

of muses that have lain asleep for felt a hundred years

and making it work,

getting back on track,

dusting off forgotten tunes:

“Groove is in the heart”

as Deee-Lite put it, and no goat can lick that away..


?? (alright so that does sound a bit odd.

Maybe because it’s a Swiss saying. It’s translated.

I live in Switzerland.

It sort of rubs off in one way or another,

but that’s another story) first..

LET’s start at the beginning, well, the second (or is it fifth?) beginning

(who’s counting anyway?)

Welcome to my blog on picking up forgotten dreams.


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